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01 Jun 2018

RDA P12 sessions: Deadline 29 Jun 2018

Dear all,
as the liaison for your group
³Array Database Assessment WG²,
I'd like to remind you that the call for Session Proposals for Plenary 12 in
Gaborone is open.
Further details are at
The deadline for proposals is 29 June 2018 (17:00 UTC).
In any case, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
Best regards,
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

31 May 2018

Progressing the proposed Array Database Assessment WG Output

Dear Peter, Kuo, and Array Database Assessment WG members,
Please find below an outline from the Secretariat of how the group can
progress with the proposed Array Database Assessment WG Output.
As you will have seen, the proposed Recommendation received several
substantive comments - which is great, as this shows that the community
cares. The comments centred around three areas:
- Comments about the content of the report, including questions of
clarification, and additions to the report, mostly by members of the group;

19 Apr 2018

Re: [rda-bigdata-ig][array_database] ADA:WG report available for public comment

Dear Sandro,
your contributions are much appreciated. Over the 1.5 years - where you also
participated in some meetings - additions were simple, just by updating the wiki
yourself. Now, after submission for checking, changes should concentrate on
fixing issues popping up. That said, I will still try to accommodate changes as
much as feasible, just send me a list of the changes. I will collect all during
the comment period and do a bulk update.
best regards,
Dr. Peter Baumann

18 Apr 2018

Re: [rda-bigdata-ig][array_database] ADA:WG report available for public comment

Dear Peter,
as member of the Array Database WG and PI of the big data(cube) framework Ophidia, I would like to give my contribution to the report.
In particular, I plan to:
1) update the info about Ophidia and fix some errors in the text/tables related to it;
2) contribute to the general sections too;
3) provide an application perspective, with special regard to the climate domain.
Is there a doc version of the report, which I can edit in track change mode and send back to you?

17 Apr 2018

ADA:WG report available for public comment

Dear all,
let me announce the Array Database report, available for public comment at
Notably, some careful readers have already spotted errata, these are being
collected and fixed in one go afterwards. Kindly let us know if you spot typos
or other kinds of errors, in order to achieve the highest possible quality.
happy reading,

04 Apr 2018

Final report of the Array Database Assessment Working Group Final Report and Recommendations is now open for comment

Dear all
Just raising awareness that the Array Database Assessment Working Group Final Report and Recommendations is now open for review and comment on this page.
The report provides a very comprehensive review of “19 systems and shows that there is a lively ecosystem of technology with increasing uptake, and proven array analytics standards are in place”.

23 Mar 2018

WG meeting at Plenary 11

At Plenary 11 (Berlin), the ADA:WG presented its outcome, the final report. A motion was made by the group members present to propose to RDA Council adoption of this report as an endorsed recommendation.

For further details, see the session slides attached below.


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21 Feb 2018

Open Data, Open Source, Open Standards

In the era where opennes has become highly valued we sometimes observe confusion about the meaning and consequence of an "open X". We, therefore, briefly discuss three core terms heavily debated in the science data domain. Note that the goal is not to define or even explain in detail - this has been done many times elsewhere already -, but to specifically relate these three terms to each other.

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