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Join Us at the 2024 SmartFood Workshop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dear Colleagues, We are excited to announce the II Workshop on Conceptual Modeling, Semantic Technologies, and Data Platforms for Smart Food Systems (SmartFood 2024), as part of the 43rd International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER2024) to be held in Pittsburgh, […]
Jul 13, 2024
Organisational and Affiliate Members
Organisations that join the RDA recognise their future health and growth is dependent on realising value from research data. They are organisations that recognise the insights that will determine their futures may well come from data created outside their organisations. […]
Jul 12, 2024
Building Immune Digital Twins: A Look Back at the 22nd Plenary
During the 22nd Virtual Plenary, the Building Immune Digital Twins RDA WG hosted a lively session that served as a discussion forum for brainstorming and fruitful exchange of information
Jul 11, 2024
VP22 Feedback Analysis
Downloadable PDF version of this page is available. The RDA Secretariat has thoroughly analysed the survey feedback collected from the Research Data Alliance’s 22nd Plenary Meeting held virtually from May 14-23, 2024. This document presents the analysis, key considerations, and […]
Jul 09, 2024
AIDV WG meeting summary – 08 July 2024
Hi all, Thanks to those of you who could join us at the meeting today – please see the agenda and notes taken here: A summary of the main decisions and actions: ⁃ ACTION: Authors of the deliverables are […]
Jul 08, 2024
New meeting cadence & IM as a RDA recommendation!
Hi everyone, Our GORC International Model has been submitted as a RDA recommendation and is in community review from 8 July (today!) to 8 August. As we mentioned in the June meeting, we did fix a couple of typos and […]
Jul 08, 2024
Activités de la RDA et de RDA France
Avec nos excuses si vous avez déjà reçu ces informations Chères et chers collègues, Les informations contenues dans ce message sont sous forme courte cette fois-ci: Les enregistrements des sessions de la vingt-deuxième réunion plénière de la RDA (14-23 mai […]
Jul 08, 2024
Adoption Stories
The Research Data Alliance (RDA) currently hosts over 60 Interest Groups and more than 30 Working Groups consisting of experts who are working on various topics related to (open) research data and innovation. These working groups produce the RDA outputs: the […]
Jul 04, 2024
Reply To: Group Meetings
We can’t update posts that were imported from the old site, so please note that we have a new zoom link for meetings and that you can reach me at! Unless the format changes, I’ll add a post per […]
Jun 27, 2024
Debrief on the IGAD Plenary 22 Session
On May 21, 2024 (repeated on May 22) the IGAD Community of Practice held its RDA plenary 22 session on “Addressing agricultural data ethics, agrisemantics and AI”. We took this opportunity to present to attendees summaries of some of the […]
Jun 25, 2024