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25 February 2022 2337 reads

Data Streams is a collection of conversations among members in the RDA community about challenges they face as researchers and data experts in managing the massive quantities of research data and how together, they are finding solutions and proving the value of open research data sharing and reuse.

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18-3-2022  Episode 1 - “A Working Group’s Journey, The RDA Data Citation Working Group Podcast with Mark Parsons and Andreas Rauber"

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This episode features RDA co-chairs Mark Parsons and Andreas Rauber, who discuss their experience in leading an RDA Working Group, advise others who collaborate with international teams in implementing research projects, and educate listeners on the Recommendations they produced through their work. 

In addition to their roles as co-chairs of the RDA Data Citation Working Group, Mark is a Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and Andreas is a Professor at the Vienna University of Technology. 


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