status: Recognised & Endorsed

Chair (s): David Giaretta, Kevin Ashley, Tomasz Miksa, Elli Papadopoulou, Maria Praetzellis

Group Email: [group_email]

Secretariat Liaison: [field_secretariat_liaison]

The proposed activity of this group is to act as a nucleus for discussing requirements for and identifying developments needed to support active (i.e. able to evolve and be monitored) data management planning. Working groups will be proposed to carry out work on specific areas of interest.

Currently research data management plans (DMP), created at the proposal stage of a project, do not evolve and cannot be monitored in any detail. The DMP should begin at the planning stage for any dataset, evolving through its entire lifecycle and is therefore fundamental to ensuring that data is appropriately managed, archived, preserved and available for re-use. 

There is very broad interest and willingness to contribute to the work. Preliminary ideas around the concept of ADMPs and potential topics for the working groups have been identified. These include specifying practical tools and services to support the data creators and their organisations in managing and making their data re-usable and also as the data managers and funders that have a requirement to administer and monitor these plans.  The ADMP IG is distinct from, but will need to work with, many other groups including those on certification, domain repositories, metadata and preservation e-infrastructures.



March 5 Exposing DMPs Working Group Telecon

RDA Exposing DMPs Working Group pre-plenary telecon March 5th at 15:00 GMT 

(An alternate call on March 11 @ 11AM AEDT has easier times for members in Asia/NZ/ Aust region) 


March 11 Exposing DMPS Working Group Telecon for Asia/Aust/NZ

Hi to Members of RDA Exposing Data Management Plans Working Group and all interested, 

09 to 26
January to March

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