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As a domain, Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) is exceptionally broad and interdisciplinary with its origins most directly from metallurgy, ceramics and polymer science, but also with important ties to other disciplines such as physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, geology, electronics, optics, and biology. As a global community, MSE is expanding rapidly worldwide through the establishment of large, multi-institutional academic research centers, government labs, industrial consortia, and computing facilities. MSE researchers often need to answer complex questions such as “What structural properties and processing methods are required to develop new lightweight materials that significantly improve fuel efficiency yet meet safety standards satisfied by traditional materials in use today?” To this end we have seen the creation of programs such as the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) in the US that aim to decrease the cost and time to develop new materials by a factor of two through more effective discovery, access, and interoperability of experimental and simulation data. However, finding the latest materials data and resources to answer such questions amidst this rich diversity and accelerated growth is an increasingly difficult and time-consuming endeavor.


In response, the RDA/CODATA Materials Data, Infrastructure, and Interoperability Interest Group (MDII IG; co-chairs James Warren, NIST, and Laura Bartolo, Northwestern University) in collaboration with materials science professional societies, proposes to create its first Working Group focused on developing the metadata standards required to establish a network of

International Materials Resource Registries (IMRR) in key sub-domains and regions.


Developing a successful international materials science resource registry requires a combination of technical and political process. As an outgrowth to discussions held in MDII IG working sessions and based on knowledge of the materials community, MDII IG proposes core members for its Working Group. The core members would be comprised of “doers” in the materials and cognate communities to identify those in their organizations who need to be involved.  More details are available in the draft Case Statement.


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Recent Activity

06 Mar 2018

Re: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] RE: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] Re: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] RE: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] Re: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] Re: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] RDA

Dear Gerhard,
All is well and it is very good to know that you will participate at the RDA P11. Below is a draft agenda that it is hoped will encourage full discussions. It is also anticipated that a draft of the Final Report will be available on the MRR WG site the week before the meeting.
Best wishes & see you soon,
21st March 2018 - RDA 11th Plenary Meeting - Day 1
Breakout 2 - Wednesday 21st March 2018, 14:00 - 15:30
MDII IG & MRR WG Joint Session
Moderator: Laura Bartolo, Northwestern University

11 Jan 2018

Re: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] Re: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] RDA Plenary 11, Berlin 21-23 March

Dear Gerhard,
Thank you for joining the IMRR WG and the WG will host a session at the upcoming RDA P11 in Berlin.
We welcome the participation of EMMC & EMCC at the session (time hasn’t been set yet) and in developing the agenda.
So far, the tentative agenda plans to include a review of the final report of the WG to be submitted to RDA as well as possible next steps to expand participation in the Materials Resource Registries. Perhaps this would be of interest to either or both EMMC & EMCC?

11 Jan 2018

Re: [rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig][imrr-wg] RDA Plenary 11, Berlin 21-23 March

Gerhard, this is excellent. I’m directly cc’ing Laura Bartolo.
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Date: Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 6:44 AM
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Cc: "Hashibon, Adham (***@***.***)" <***@***.***>

11 Jan 2018

RDA Plenary 11, Berlin 21-23 March

Dear All,
What are the plans for the Materials Data Working/Interest Groups for breakout sessions at the next RDA plenary? I would like to coordinate a participation of EMMC and hopefully also EMCC, i.e. the modelling and characterisation councils.
Best wishes
Dr Gerhard Goldbeck
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03 Apr 2017

RE: [imrr-wg][rda-matdatainfrainterop-ig] Plenary 9 Materials IG & WG sessions & latest posting of MatSci Vocab

Dear Colleagues,
Many thanks for the information and sorry that I cannot attend these important sessions since the European Materials Modelling Council has a meeting at the same time (5-7 April) in Vienna: Indeed, another group member (Zach Trautt) will join us in Vienna and we look forward to discussions about metadata, interoperability and repositories also during our meeting.

31 Mar 2017

Plenary 9 Materials IG & WG sessions & latest posting of MatSci Vocab

Dear All,

We look forward to seeing those who are able to attend P9.  There will be two sessions that the Materials IG &WG are involved with and your participation at both are welcomed.

Wednesday 5th April,  Breakout 1, 11:30 - 13:00  Joint Meeting: IG RDA/CODATA Materials Data, Infrastructure & Interoperability and WG International Materials Resource Registries