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Lynn Yarmey
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Paul Uhlir
IG Established

Short presentation of Sharing Rewards and Credit (SHARC) IG

SHARC is now a recognised and endorsed interest group within RDA (Research Data Alliance).  It is seeking to unpack and improve crediting and rewarding mechanisms in the data/resources sharing process (see link to the previous Research Data Alliance BoF meeting here:

At present, seven different communities are represented in the group:

Biology and Biomedicine (7 ppl.),

Information Sciences and Technology (3 ppl.),

Geospatial data (1 ppl.),

Marine Biology (1 ppl.),

Biodiversity (4 ppl.),

Industrial Ecology (1 ppl.),

Bioethics (4 ppl.).


The issues discussed here are transversal to many academic areas and communities.

 If you are not represented, join us!

Recent Activity

18 Dec 2018

draft- RDA P13 SHARC session proposal- your feedback

Dear RDA-SHARC members,
We have drafted a session proposal for next RDA plenary which will be in
Philadephia in April 2019. You are very welcome to give your comments /
suggestions / questions and to participate actively in a way or another.
Let us know...
We need to submit it on friday, sorry for the short deadline. If you
have any questions, please do contact us!
Link to the draft:

23 Nov 2018

Link to SHARC posters

Dear RDA-SHARC members,
Please find below a link to a googleslide that will contain
SHARC-related posters  as and when they are designed. This is meant to
help you in disseminating  or reporting your participation in Sharc
should you need it. So please help yourself and adapt it at your
convenience. If you communicate about Sharc, can you just let me know,
so that  we can have an updated file of dissemination activities as well
as an overview of the networks approached by the group...

06 Nov 2018

SHARC session at RDA P12, Gaborone, Botswana 8 nov

Dear Sharc members,
Louise Bezuidenhout and Fiona Murphy from our IG will be running the
*SHARC's session at RDA P12 in Gaborone next thursday 8 nov 9.30-11.00
(**c**entral african time, **UTC/GMT +2 hours)*. The objective is to 
address more specifically data sharing challenges within African
academic infrastructures and to  come up with concrete actions to
support resource sharing that could be implemented within African
research contexts. Notably, will be discussed: How do we incentivise

19 Oct 2018


Dear all,
Please find attached our synthesised notes from the Sharc' session that
was chaired by Fiona Murphy at ESOF 2018 this summer. The objective was
to discuss with different experts in research policy and metrics how to
give credit to scientists for sharing datasets and materials.
Nest step is RDA P12 , November 8th, Gaborone, BW. Louise Bezuidenhout
and Fiona Murphy will be chairing a session there. We'll keep you posted...
Best, Laurence

10 Aug 2018

news from RDA-SHARC IG

Dear SHARC members,
Some news about the group:
- ESOF 2018-  We had a nice Sharc-related session at ESOF 2018 in
Toulouse last month thanks to Fiona Murphy who organized it for the
group . It touched on ‘How to give credit to scientists for their
involvement in collecting, curating and publishing data & samples’.
Panellists were policy makers from Research England, OECD, Science
Foundation Ireland and BBMRI-ERIC. Highlights from the meeting will
follow asap…
- RDA P12- The SHARC-IG session we have proposed for the International

11 Jun 2018

RDA-SHARC TC8 - 12th June 11.00-13.00 CET

Dear SHARC members,
Welcome to the last new comers!
Please find below the agenda and the login instructions for tomorrow's
*- Agenda:*
1. **ESOF 2018 and Sharc: update, Fiona and Anne
2. Generic recommendations: update from RDA P11, content discussion,
next steps (back up file attached)
3. Community-specific recommendations: strategic issues
4. Milestones
5. Other matters
*- GTM connection instructions:*
*Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. *

10 Apr 2018

RDA P11 SHARC IG Synthesis and action points

Dear Sharc members, Many thanks again to those of you who could participate to our work one way or another. Please find attached the synthesis of our Sharc session in Berlin. Action points follow at the end. We suggest from now the following: The need to constitute a specific group to elaborate a set of evaluation criteria for the sharing activity has come out during the session. *Would you be so kind to express **asap **by return mail whether you would be interested or not to contibute to this specific task?* (We plan one teleconf and some mail exchanges to achieve the work).

04 Apr 2018

RDA P11 Sharc session slides

Dear Sharc members,
Welcome to  newcomers!
The slides of our main presentation in Berlin have been uploaded on the
meeting age at
Romain, can you provide yours?
A synthesis and actions points will follow soon...
All the best, Laurence
Laurence Mabile, Chef de projet/Project manager
UMR1027 Inserm - Université Paul Sabatier / Toulouse III,

16 Mar 2018

RDA p11 agenda and link to the SHARC background paper

Dear Sharc members,
Our RDA P11 meeting page has been updated. You will find details on the
agenda, the remote access instructions and the link to the Sharc draft
background paper and recommendations (section V). Your comments and
feedback are very welcome.
Go to:
Reminder, our session is planned on March 22 15.30-17.00