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RDA is an international volunteer member-based organisation and as such encourages the initiative and support of its members across the globe to animate their community on a national level. RDA Europe national node are part of the RDA Europe support programme whose aim is to interact with researchers and innovators in the local language, offering them a platform for exchange of information pertinent to the RDA and their activities and in strict compliance with RDA's guiding principles of Openness, Transparency, Consensus-based, Community driven, Harmonisation and Non-profit. The national pages should not be interpreted as an official representation of the Research Data Alliance in any country or any organisation unless this is specifically stated...

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RDA Sweden:
Promoting RDM best practices across disciplines

RDA Sweden is a national node of the Research Data Alliance. As such, we will promote and foster best practices in research data management, and work to increase awareness of RDA and research data-related issues in Sweden. RDA Sweden will contribute to the adoption of common solutions and increased FAIRness in the national research data landscape, both within specific fields and across disciplines.


The Swedish National Data Service (SND) is the coordinator of the RDA Sweden node, which brings together actors from the Swedish research data management ecosystem, including most of Sweden's institutes of higher education. This broad range of participants gives the Swedish national node insight and access to almost all major research data producers in Sweden. It also places RDA Sweden in a unique position to promote and facilitate the adoption of RDA outputs and recommendations, as well as actively support and encourage the participation of Sweden-based researchers in the global creation of new community guidelines and outputs by RDA groups.


RDA Sweden will engage in an inclusive manner with researchers, ESFRI Roadmap research infrastructures, data managers, e-service providers and other relevant stakeholders in Sweden and the Nordic countries. In addition, we plan to reach out to non-academic researchers and institutions, as well as professional bodies and industry researchers.


Our main activities in Sweden during 2019 and 2020:

  • Recruiting new members among Sweden-based researchers and data managers
  • Enabling Sweden-based researchers and data managers to participate in RDA working and interest groups
  • Arranging workshops and information meetings at network universities and other stakeholders
  • Developing outreach materials describing RDA Sweden and its role as a national RDA Europe node   
  • Promoting the adoption of RDA outputs and recommendations by researchers in Sweden





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