RDA Regional Engagement Discussion Group


Group details

Secretariat Liaison: 
Lynn Yarney

This group is for announcements and information emerging from the RDA Regional Engagement discussions. 


Current Activities - April 2018

A small group representing current regions, emerging regions, and Council is meeting weekly through the end of May 2018. The group's mission is to draft a document proposing a path forward for regional engagement within RDA. There will be iteration time to refine the document and approach before a follow-on discussion in Gabrone Botswana at IDW, Nov 2018. 



This RDA Regional Engagement Discussion Group space was created as part of a set of activities in mid 2018.  Stemming from an RDA Council Subcommittee on Regional Engagement, a meeting was held at P11 in Berlin with invitations to current and emerging regions. From that discussion, a small group was created to carry the conversation forward.

Recent Activity

10 May 2018

Summary of regional engagement activities and points for discussion for Council F2F meeting

Dear Regional engagement colleagues,
As regional engagement will be an item for discussion at the face to face
council meeting on 4 & 5 June, I would like to be able to share the latest
version of the document as well as a series of discussion points from the
May I circulate a version of the regional engagement document to Council 1
week before the meeting and also have a list of points for discussion
(including some of those that arose on today's call e.g. voting rights and
cash contribution indicators) for the meeting?

03 May 2018

Definition of RDA regions: input from Council required

Hi all,

We had another useful meeting today where we continued to flesh out a framework for RDA regions, and what activities and responsibilities Regions and the RDA have to realise the shared value.

We’re now at a point where we need more inputs from Council to define the role of RDA. You’ll see there are a few points we have flagged in the main document where we specifically welcome contributions, namely: