RDA is an international volunteer member-based organisation and as such encourages the initiative and support of its members across the globe to animate their community on a national level. RDA Europe national node are part of the RDA Europe support programme whose aim is to interact with researchers and innovators in the local language, offering them a platform for exchange of information pertinent to the RDA and their activities and in strict compliance with RDA's guiding principles of Openness, Transparency, Consensus-based, Community driven, Harmonisation and Non-profit. The national pages should not be interpreted as an official representation of the Research Data Alliance in any country or any organisation unless this is specifically stated.


Europe National Node

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This is a working area dedicated to the RDA activities, news and events in The Netherlands. It aims at connecting researchers and data experts working with research data on a more local level and facilitates interconnecting local activities with broader RDA activities through e.g. RDA Working and Interest Groups.


DANS; Data Archiving and Networked Services, is responsible for setting up the Dutch RDA node and will focus on bringing existing initiatives closer together and expanding collaboration with others by engaging with government, national funding bodies, research organisations, and other networks involved in Research Data Management (RDM).


On a national level, the Dutch RDA node will promote the work done within RDA global in general and in particular the work on certification (of trusted digital repositories) and persistent identifiers (PID). While at the same time make national players enthusiastic to join the global RDA playing field. Next to that we will also provide the RDA ambassadors for the social sciences and the humanities disseminating and advancing the RDA work and outputs within these international communities. For more information see the webinar 'The Research Data Alliance - What's in it for you?'.


RDA is continuously looking for researchers, research communities and private sector actors, who are interested in testing and adopting RDA outputs and recommendations, and are happy to give advice in different stages of this process.


Feel free to register to this group by clicking on the Join link on the right. You will be automatically subscribed to the group newsletter. And please don't hesitate to share your own events and news items via the mailing list or group calendar.


Deze pagina geeft informatie over activiteiten, nieuws en evenementen van de RDA in Nederland. Het heeft als doel onderzoekers en data experts, die met onderzoeksdata werken, op een meer lokaal niveau met elkaar in contact te brengen en het verbinden van lokale activiteiten met bredere RDA-activiteiten, bijvoorbeeld door middel van de RDA Working en Interest Groups.


DANS; Data Archiving and Networked Services, is verantwoordelijk voor het opzetten van de Nederlandse RDA node en zal zich focussen op het dichter bij elkaar brengen van bestaande initiatieven en het uitbreiden van samenwerkingen door het gesprek aan te gaan met de overheid, nationale financiers, onderzoeksorganisaties en netwerken die zich met Research Data Management (RDM) bezighouden.


Op nationaal niveau zal de Nederlandse RDA node het werk van RDA global in het algemeen promoten en zich specifiek richten op certificering (van betrouwbare digitale archieven) en persistent identifiers (PID). Tegelijkertijd maken we nationale spelers enthousiast om zich aan te sluiten bij de wereldwijde RDA-initiatieven. Daarnaast leveren we de RDA-ambassadeurs voor de sociale- en geesteswetenschappen, die het RDA werk en output op deze terreinen verspreiden en bevorderen binnen deze internationale onderzoeksgebieden. Voor meer informatie zie de webinar: Research Data Alliance – Wat haal je eruit?


De RDA is continue op zoek naar onderzoekers, onderzoeksgebieden en partijen in de private sector die geïnteresseerd zijn in het testen en implementeren van output en aanbevelingen van de RDA, en is zeer bereid advies te geven in de verschillende stadia van dit proces.


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Recent Activity

21 Feb 2019

REMINDER: Last chance to give feedback on the NDSA Levels of Preservation - consultation closes 22nd Feb

Dear all
The NDSA (National Digital Stewardship Alliance) are currently revising their Levels of Preservation and are in the process of gathering feedback to help with this process.
If you use the NDSA Levels (or alternatively if you have looked at them and decided they are not useful to you) the team would really value your feedback.
The short survey can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/nqFFZEhYpd7PiAHv2

18 Feb 2019

ZonMw project deliverable: responsibilities and tasks in data stewardship

Dear all,
Highly recommended, for those interested in responsibilities and tasks in data stewardship.
The (Dutch) ZonMw funded project Towards a community-endorsed data steward profession description for Life Science research created a Zenodo Community with the intermediate outcomes of the project.

07 Feb 2019

Reminder: Call for participation in an RDA survey on researcher engagement

Dear colleagues,
This is a reminder email requesting your participation in a “Researcher Engagement with data management: what works?” survey of the Research Data Alliance.
We would like to thank the numerous participants for their time, and in order to give others the opportunity to participate, we extended the deadline. If you have another project you would like to report, or If you haven’t had time to complete the survey yet, and still would like to contribute, we welcome your feedback preferably by February 12, 2019.

05 Feb 2019

FW: job posting extended to 14 February

Hello Everyone,
The posting for a temporary teaching fellow in digital preservation has been extended until 14 February and the post has changed: a PhD is now desirable instead of required, so those with masters degrees are welcome to apply. In general, the teaching fellow would be required to be on campus about 2 days a week, so commuting to Dublin from a nearby country is an option (at your own expense).
Please feel free to email me with questions and share with others.

05 Feb 2019

Pitch voor nieuwe LCRDM Taakgroep: RDA project proposal /Pitch for new LCRDM Task Group; RDA Project Proposal

** apologies for cross-posting - For English see below **
Aan: LCRDM pool van experts
Beste collega’s,
Graag jullie aandacht voor onderstaand bericht.
Reageer snel want de pitch loopt maar 3 weken (van 11 februari tot 4 maart)!
Wie helpt er mee? Oproep voor de vijfde LCRDM Taakgroep
Schrijven een RDA projectvoorstel – 5 februari 2019
De vijfde oproep voor deelname aan een LCRDM taakgroep staat online. Zie:
www.lcrdm.nl .
Deze taakgroep zal in korte tijd een projectvoorstel schrijven en indienen

05 Feb 2019

LCRDM pitch Data Curation Network now closed

Dear colleagues,
The LCRDM pitch for the task group Data Curation Network is now closed. The task group will start at end of February/early March and will be formed by colleagues from Radboud University, TU Delft, Erasmus University, Groningen University, Utrecht University, DANS, NDE (Network Digital Heritage NL) and Hogeschool InHolland.
See for more information the page of the task group on the LCRDM platform.
More pitches – on different topics – will soon be published on the LCRDM website.

28 Jan 2019

Procurement of Research & Development Services for ARCHIVER Project

The ARCHIVER Project - Archiving and Preservation for Research Environments - will introduce radical improvements in the area of archiving and digital preservation services, supporting the IT requirements of European scientists and providing end-to-end archival and preservation services for data generated in the context of research and development projects.