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Many natural data sets are not confined by political borders. The RDA in the Americas Group will foster collaboration between research organizations and individuals on the American continents. This will provide introductions to several data science organizations operating within Canada, US, Central America and the Caribbean, and South America. The RDA vision is "researchers and innovators openly sharing data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society." Open sharing begins with relationship building; this group will attempt to begin building the foundation for future collaborations on the North American continent. We will also explore data dead zones where cross-border research is currently difficult.


All organizations, including the US National Data Service, Research Data Canada, Conare Costa Rica, and many other Central and South American and Caribbean organizations, are welcome and encouraged to introduce their work here.


Group Objectives

Our primary objective is to build relationships between RDA members and other potential collaborators on the American continents. This will serve to determine the interest level and potential mechanisms for continued collaboration between these organizations.



Creating an RDA community in Latin America and the Caribbean (in Spanish)

Improving Global Agricultural Data (IGAD) Community of Practice (CoP) Second Annual Virtual Meeting,

Thursday, March 24 from 14:00 to 15:00 UTC

Organizers & moderators: Wouter Schallier (United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) and Imma Subirats (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO)



2:40 - 26:46  RDA, Region of the Americas (Yolanda Meleco, Rebecca Koskela)

26:47 - 42:31 RDA in Brazil (Patricia Bertin)

42:32 Q&A