Provenance Patterns WG


Group details

Chair (s): 
Secretariat Liaison: 
Stefanie Kethers
TAB Liaison: 
Sarah Ramdeen
WGs Producing deliverables (~6-12 months after RDA endorsement)

Tracking provenance for research data is vital to science and scholarship, providing answers to common questions researchers and institutions pose when sharing and exchanging data.

The tasks for this Working Group focus on finding, detailing and recommending best practices for provenance representation and management.

This group will conduct its work in the manner of a business analysis task: identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Since RDA WGs are not themselves research groups (rather groups of researchers and research agencies), this group will look for existing practice and re-present that for use rather than generate new practice.

Recent Activity

25 Sep 2018

WG call-in meeting in just over 24 hours

Our bi-weekly call in meeting will take place at 1:00 AM GMT/UTC on September 26. That's 11:00 AM AEST. In the United States the meeting will take place on Tuesday evening, September 25, at 9:00 PM eastern time, 8:00 PM central time, 7:00 PM mountain, and 6:00 PM pacific time.
This week's agenda includes an update on WG administration and next steps for preparation and sharing of our outputs.

28 Aug 2018

Meeting in 11 hours time

Hi all,
Tomorrow is the Australian Friendly-timed PPWG meeting. I won’t be able to attend – all day workshop – but I encourage a meeting without me using the details below.
Suggested Agenda
1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes
2. Review of new Patterns DB content
* Use Case “Scientists can track, list, and examine script executions”:

30 Jul 2018

Meeting in 40 hours time - Australian Friendly

Hi all,
The WG meets again this week in the Australian-friendly timeslot. A brief agenda for the meeting is as follows with the main items of interest being a report from me on ProvenanceWeek 2018 and a description of CSIRO's provenance projects this Financial Year. I look forward to anyone else describing their provenance projects for this FY too.
1. Review of last meeting's minutes:
2. Open Action Items:
3. Summary of ProvenanceWeek2018

16 Jul 2018

Meeting this week - European time

Hi all,
We have our regular European-friendly timed meeting this week with the details below.
This week, we have some planning required, as per the agenda below.
1. Acceptance of last meeting’s minutes
* We have missed a meeting
2. Review of open Issues

18 Jun 2018

European-friendly meeting in 36 hours

Hi all,
Our next European-friendly meeting is on in just about 36 hours’ time with details below.
1. Review of last meeting’s minutes:
2. Open Action Items:
3. Patterns DB – next steps
4. Use Case write-ups – groups
5. Intentions for ProvenanceWeek

14 Jun 2018

Patterns DB using RDA single sign-on

Dear Prov Pat WG & Storage Service Defns WG,
Single sign-on to the Patterns DB using your RDA credentials has finally arrived!
You’re now able to create a user account on the Patterns DB that is linked to your RDA account and use its details to log you in via the OpenID system. Follow these steps.
To create your account:
1. Sign in to the RDA website using your account at

05 Jun 2018

Meeting tomorrow - 20 hours

Hi all,
Our next Provenance Patterns WG meeting is on tomorrow, in about 20 hours, at the times below.
We have a few things to report:
* Progress on our Patterns DB
* ProvenanceWeek engagement
* National (Australian) provenance projects July onwards
We have a couple of things to discuss too:
* Focus groups - spatial provenance, vocabularies
* RDA & W3C relations
Chicago, USA Tue, 5 Jun 2018 at 8:00 pm CDT

20 May 2018

Meeting in 35 hours' time

Hi all,
Our regular “Europe Friendly” meeting is on in about 35 hours’ time.
At this meeting I’m most keen to place people into groups to address certain types of Use Cases and patterns. So far we have established groups for provenance at:
* Vocabularies
* Spatial
* Enterprise scale
* Project scale
Please come along to this meeting to either join one of those groups or to create a new one.