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Lynn Yarmey
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Ingrid Dillo
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The Linguistics Data Interest Group plans to identify, prioritize, and get to work on data challenges across the Linguistics domain. As a first step, this new group will focus P10 time on developing the discipline-wide adoption of common standards for data citation and attribution, and to improve research data management training in the discipline. In our parlance citation refers to the practice of identifying the source of linguistic data, and attribution refers to mechanisms for assessing the intellectual and academic value of creating, managing, storing, sharing, and citing primary data.


The LDIG is for data at all linguistic levels (from individual sounds or words to video recordings of conversations to experimental data) and data for all of the world’s languages, and acknowledges that many of the world’s languages have high cultural value and are underrepresented with regards to the amount of information that is available about them.


This interest group is aligned with the RDA mission to improve open sharing of data through forming transparent discipline-specific data citation and attribution conventions to be adopted by the international research community. Linguistics is a discipline that straddles social/behavioral sciences and the humanities, and thus we have a great deal to contribute to the general RDA discussion on a multiplicity of data types.

Recent Activity

17 Jan 2018

New Publication - Reproducible research in linguistics: A position statement on data citation and attribution in our field

Dear LDIG Members,
Happy new year to all! We have a few pieces of LDIG-related news to share.
First, we would like to draw your attention to a new publication that was
part of the founding motivation for setting up the Linguistics Data
Interest group.
*Reproducible research in linguistics: A position statement on data
citation and attribution in our field*
The abstract is below. The article is Open Access, so please share with

17 Jan 2018

Spam issue path forward

Dear Linguistics IG,
My apologies for the recent spam. The Secretariat has been identifying and removed the spam posts and users as soon as we see them, however in the past few weeks spammers have been using new techniques which we have been underprepared to address. We are working on this issue and will have it resolved as quickly as possible. I won’t bother you all again with notifications, but wanted to share our approach with your group.
Please let me know if you have any questions, and many thanks for your patience!

12 Dec 2017

Austin Principles of Data Citation launched! Thanks and next steps

Dear Linguistics Data Interest Group members,
We’re pleased to announce that the Austin Principles of Data Citation in
Linguistics have now been added as an ‘output’ to the LDIG page. Thanks to
everyone at the 10th Plenary in Montreal, and those who gave feedback
online around that time as well. We’re really pleased with how the current
version looks.
Next Steps
Now that we have the Austin Principles as a resource, the LDIG can work
towards increasing awareness of the principles of good linguistic data

28 Sep 2017

Of possible interest: call for contributions the first editions of Humanités numériques

Hello all,
I think it would be good for the field (and for the data) if more DH
papers focused on data. So I'm disseminating this call for contributions
to the first two issues of /Humanités numériques, /a new French journal
from Humanistica devoted to the use of the digital in the humanities and
social sciences.
Submissions are accepted until December 15, 2017. Read the full appeal

18 Sep 2017

Tuesday 19th September - LDIG meeting at RDA plenary 10 - remote participation welcome

Dear LDIG participants,
The LDIG will hold its first meeting at an RDA plenary, and we have arranged for remote participation if you would like to join us. The meeting will be tomorrow, Tuesday 19th September 16:00 - 17:30 Montreal time (Eastern Time Zone).
The remote login can be accessed by using the link on the Workshop page (when logged in):

30 Aug 2017

Linguistics Data Interest Group online asynchronous ‘meeting’

Dear RDA LDIG members,
We are holding our first online asynchronous group ‘meeting’ of the Linguistics Data Interest Group (LDIG) from today until the 6th of September. We hope to hold these meetings 2-4 times a year, as a way for you to help shape the direction of the group and its work, and to ensure the experiences of a wide range of linguists are reflected in the LDIG outputs. The meeting document is an editable online Google document, and has four aims:
1. Get feedback on the Austin Principles of Data Citation

25 Jan 2017

Your group is all set

I am sending this out to the ***@***.*** email as a test. If you get it, your group is ready to go!
Many thanks again, and please let me know how I can help your group going forward. All the best,
Lynn Yarmey
Director of Community Development
Research Data Alliance/US
RDA Secretariat