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Rainer Stotzka
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The proposed Interest Group on “Health Data” (HD-IG) is a long-term initiative in the framework of RDA. It follows a rather successful BoF Session during the 6th RDA Plenary Meeting in Paris, which was attended by over 35 researchers and professionals from diverse backgrounds, who discussed several relevant issues, expressed significant interest in forming the proposed Interest Group, and helped shape its focus as presented here. The Interest Group will fill a gap in the RDA subject map formed by its current WGs and IGs, as at the moment, there is no RDA group focusing on the intricacies of Health Data, especially as it relates to privacy and security issues in Healthcare. Establishment of this IG will also enrich the set of communities involved in and contributing to RDA, as there are several professions as well as research disciplines that revolve around Health Data.




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Recent Activity

08 Apr 2019

HDIG at RDA P13 Philadelphia updates

Dear Health Data IG members!
It was good to see you in Philadelphia, P13 was rich and inspiring and the topics discussed in our group sessions too!
You can now find the presentation given by Davide Zaccagnini on Synthetic Data, during session n.1 on Data sharing challenges in biomedical Artificial Intelligence (AI), in the file repository on our group's page:

21 Mar 2019

First RDA Output Adoption Webinar - Reproducible Health Research. 22 March

The Global RDA Adoption Team is organising a webinar tomorrow, Friday 22 March 8am PDT/ 11am EDT/ 3pm UTC, to boost the adoption of RDA Outputs. It will be first of a series, highlighting RDA outputs for adoption, presenting adopters who already have a story to tell and show the added value of RDA.

28 Feb 2019

Re: [secretariat][healthdata] Re: [secretariat][healthdata] FW: [healthdata] Health Data IG - Data sharing challenges in biomedical Artificial Intelligence (AI) P13 Session Accepted

Dear all, thank you very much for your help and for settling the issue. I just had a look at the programme and now I see the healt data IG session scheduled on day 1, breakout 1, and the blockchain WG session on day 3, breakout 7. Looking forward to meeting you soon in Philadelphia !
Best regards Ludovica
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24 Jan 2019

Health Data IG - Data sharing challenges in biomedical Artificial Intelligence (AI) P13 Session Accepted

Dear group,
Congratulations! Your session application  - Health Data IG: Data
sharing challenges in biomedical Artificial Intelligence (AI) - has been
approved and will appear in the RDA Plenary 13 Programme.  Please
consider this your official notification of acceptance.
The detailed Plenary 13 programme will be published online by 11
February, 2019, and your scheduled session time will be published in the
programme. The programme will also include the link to your meeting web

14 Dec 2018

P12 presentation

Dear Health Data IG members!
First of all, on behalf of the co-chairs, we would like to thank everyone who could attend our group session in Gaborone last month, even if partially conducted remotely!
The presentation on genomic data and privacy is now available in the file repository on our group page,
We're now looking forward to applying for the Health Data IG session at the next Plenary in Philadelphia, 2-4 April 2019. We'll keep you updated.

16 Jul 2018

SWAT4HCLS - Secondary use of Health Data

Dear All,
This year in SWAT4HCLS conference we will host a thematic session on the
secondary use of health data.
The conference covers a wide range of topics including, but not limited to,
FAIR data, health data exchange and data reuse infrastructures, meaningful
use, metadata management, data provenance and traceability, trust and
reproducibility, ethical issues, privacy and data governance in health and
life sciences.