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Christine Kirkpatrick
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The proposed Global Water Information Interest Group (GWIIG) will serve as a platform leading to formation of RDA working group; as a venue for communication among RDA WGs and IGs focused on both technical eInfrastructure aspects (e.g. brokering; metadata and catalogs, dynamic data citation) and on related research domains (e.g. geosciences, agriculture, biodiversity); and as a coordination mechanism across a wide group of water information stakeholders, in particular those not previously involved in the OGC/WMO water standardization work.

Recent Activity

16 May 2019

Plenary 14: Call for Sessions, Collocated Events, Posters and Registration Now Open!

Taking place from 23-25 October 2019, the 14th RDA Plenary will take place in Dipoli, the nature-immersed building of Aalto University, Helsinki, in Finland, “one of the happiest countries in the world”, states Per Öster, CSC-IT Center For Science Director and Co-Chair of the P14 Programme Committee.

07 Nov 2018

RDA Global Water Information Interest Group meeting tomorrow

Dear RDA GWIIG and HydroDWG

We have our RDA Plenary 12 meeting tomorrow at 9:30 am CAT (UTC/GMT+2).

The agenda can be seen here:

There is also remote connection information, but please be aware that internet connectivity has been sporadic here and may not be reliable.

We will post slides afterwards. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or comments.


22 Nov 2017

web-based version of Water Data Portals (NEW!)

Dear Colleagues, I am delighted to announce that the Water Data Portals is now available in a web-based format at:

Thanks to Martin Seul of CUAHSI (Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science) for his work on this. The Excel version of the list is still available on the Open Science Framework (

Best regards, Janet

18 Sep 2017

“R programming language to manage metadata, data complying with OGC standards and controlled vocabularies: the case of Tuna Fisheries”

Dear IG's / WG's,

We would like to invite you to an RDA related event that we believe to be relevant to your activities; “R programming language to manage metadata and data by complying with OGC (EML, CF conventions) standards and controlled vocabularies: the case of Tuna Fisheries” .

When: Tuesday 19 September 2017, from 11:30 to 13:00 local time

Where: room: Mansfield 10, RDA Plenary Meeting, Montreal, Canada

15 Sep 2017

GWIIG session at RDA next week: how to join

Dear All,

We hope you can join us for the Global Water Information IG session at the upcoming RDA plenary. Please see for the session agenda and remote connection information. I also include several critical items below:

Session Time: Thursday 21 September, Breakout 8, 11:00 - 12:30 (Montreal time)

Collaborative session notes:

17 Aug 2017

new version of Water Data Portals

Dear Colleagues, With the help of my scientific assistant, Marianne Leuzinger, version 3 of the Water Data Portals list is now available on the Open Science Framework ( The specific improvements are:

(1) The list is in Excel (instead of Word) to allow sorting on column entries (note that a pdf version is also posted)

(2) Page names are distinguished from site owners to allow searching on either

(3) Additional qualifiers for pages/links have been included

24 Jul 2017

GWIIG Water Data Portals Telecon

Dear All,

Thanks for adding your availability for the telecon. It will take place on July 25th ([9am New York == 6am San Diego == 2pm UK == 3 pm Paris== 11pm Canberra]). If you cannot make it on that date, but would like to contribute to this topic, please let us know.

The google doc from the last time is at

07 Jul 2017

GWIIG sessions at P10 in Montreal, and a Doodle poll on water portals/discovery

Dear All,

Our group will participate in two sessions at the P10 in Montreal. The sessions are now approved. You can see all proposed sessions at , but the schedule isn't setup yet, and the session descriptions are not yet final.

Descriptions of the two sessions are here:

16 Jun 2017

Hydrological data rescue- past examples and future demand


RDA has a very active Data Rescue Interest Group ( Data rescue, particularly of historic data to extend records back in time, is often of interest to the water community, can be hugely important for research, and there is a lot of demand out there for rescuing hydrological data that's at risk of loss.