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Please make sure the group follows the new RDA Groups Policy, which came into effect on 1 April 2021. Please contact enquiries[at] if you have any questions.



Many research funding agencies expect DMPs which receive valuable metadata about the project as well as collected and analyzed data. In order to use DMPs profitably for researchers in their everyday life and not to create another bureaucratic hurdle, adjustments are needed on the side of the tool providers as well as in the templates.

What do researchers need? And even more concretely, what do researchers in certain disciplines need? Just as the data, the data collection and analysis methods, etc., differ, so too would the DMPs have to vary in order to make work easier for the researchers.

This working group would like to address this issue in detail. The aim of the WG is to propose discipline-specific adaptations for DMP templates for the disciplines behavioual, educational and social science, natural and engineering science as well as life science with the focus on medicine and biology. Starting point is the "Science Europe Practical Guide". As a first step, an online survey will be conducted. Subsequently, in-depth interviews or workshops with different researchers of the several disciplines will be organized to further narrow down the discipline-specific aspects. Guidance will then be developed for these discipline-specific aspects, which can be incorporated into the help texts, the questions or answers. In this way, the different systems of the tool providers are also accommodated.