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Helen Glaves
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Agreed upon terminology, the meaning of terms used in discussion, is an important aspect of all group work. The DFT IG task is to continue the discussion evoked by the RDA DFT WG to support continuing RDA efforts regarding basic data concepts & framework models along with their vocabularies. A key aspect of the work is to support broader model and vocabulary agreements for and across these RDA WGs and IGs along with their representative communities and stakeholders. This will help continue the synchronization of RDA conceptualization and enable better understanding within and between RDA groups

Recent Activity

08 Apr 2019

Draft notes from DFT meeting at P13

Some draft notes have been added to the google doc used at the Plenary.


People who attended should fill in the sheet and add their notes as requested at the meeting.

There were a few action items on adding terms and explaining the intent of the term tool.

We expect to act on these in the next few weeks,

29 Mar 2019

DFT Vocabulary 4.0 "Philadelphia"

Dear all,
Just in time for the next RDA plenary, I created another version of our
DFT vocabulary:
DFT Vocabulary Version 4.0, "Philadelphia"
You can find it here as HTML as well as PDF:
Please note, the PID is already assigned to the data but not registered
in the Handle system, this will happen as soon as possible.
I wish you all a nice plenary,
Dr. Thomas Zastrow

24 Jan 2019

Best Practices for \Data Foundations and Terminology (DFT) IG - P13 Session Accepted

Dear Working/Interest Group members,

Congratulations! Your session application - Best Practices for \Data Foundations and Terminology (DFT) IG - has been approved and will appear in the RDA Plenary 13 Programme. Please consider this your official notification of acceptance.

05 Nov 2018

TeD-T vocabulary version 3.0: now also as PDF

Dear all,
The current version 3.0 of the TedD vocabulary can now also be
downloaded as PDF (more than 300 pages!):
Best regards,
Dr. Thomas Zastrow
Max Planck Computing and Data Facility (MPCDF)
Gießenbachstr. 2, D-85748 Garching bei München, Germany
Tel +49-89-3299-1457