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Helen Glaves
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IG Established

Agreed upon terminology, the meaning of terms used in discussion, is an important aspect of all group work. The DFT IG task is to continue the discussion evoked by the RDA DFT WG to support continuing RDA efforts regarding basic data concepts & framework models along with their vocabularies. A key aspect of the work is to support broader model and vocabulary agreements for and across these RDA WGs and IGs along with their representative communities and stakeholders. This will help continue the synchronization of RDA conceptualization and enable better understanding within and between RDA groups

Recent Activity

31 Jan 2018

DFT Organizational meeting


We will have an organiztional meeting to get ready for P-11 and the DFT session at P-11 as well as a more detailed

virtual meeting in Feburary..

This meeting will take place Wednesday, Januray 31 starting at 10 am Eastern US time (4 CEN).

We will have details on a GoTo Meeting for this event shortly.

IG memeber and interested parties are invited to attend and discuss their interests and expectations for P11.

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13 Sep 2017

Units of Measure BoF at P10

Apologies for cross posting
On Wednesday Sept 22nd from 3.30 - 5.00 pm in Mansfield 8 at P10 there will be a BoF discussion of the need for formation of a Units of Measure Interest Group.
This BoF has been scheduled because of the need to prioritize units of measure when thinking about interoperable science data and the recently funded NIST grant to create a Semantic Units Repository. Please consider attending to contribute use cases, units/quantities/dimensions representation needs, previous RDA discussions and ideas relative to forming an interest group on the topic.

05 Sep 2017

DFT Vocabulary 1.0 "Montreal" released, PIDs assigned

Dear all,
As discussed in the last virtual meeting, I have now exported the
current content of the TeD-T tool as Version 1.0 - "Montreal". You can
find it here:
In the last column of the table, you can see Handle PIDs - for every
term, I have assigned one PID. For example the PID:
resolves directly to the correct place in the DFT vocabulary: the link

13 Jul 2017

FW: [rda-dft] Draft Agenda for DFT July Virtual Meeting

Hi Landscape Mappers,
The upcoming Data Foundations and Terminology group’s telecom agenda may be interesting to some of you? Details are below,
From: <***@***.***> on behalf of Gary <***@***.***>
Date: Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 9:34 AM
To: Data Foundations and Terminology IG <***@***.***>
Subject: [rda-dft] Draft Agenda for DFT July Virtual Meeting
This will be our 2nd organizational Virtual Meeting planned to get ready for P10 in September whose objectives include: