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Interest group “Data for Development”

Many researchers work on topics which require information from areas and population groups where only limited data exist. Data collected by the private and public sector (e.g. IGOs, NGOs, academia etc), social media data etc. provide important sources to get an overview of factors and issues of relevance to societal development in such areas. In particular following disasters, during conflicts, post-conflict situations or with regard to vulnerable populations these data are the only available and often used as evidence for policy implementations recommended to governments and are thus of great importance to decision-making processes.

This interest group focuses on the access to and usage of data from a variety of sources of relevance to development studies, human rights, conflict research and vulnerable and hidden populations. Whereas many intergovernmental organizations have a tradition of open data access routines and policies to data they have collected, data collected by non-governmental organizations are often not available for further usage. Also relevant data collected by university institutes and research organizations are often not shared with the community and increasingly also the question is raised which contribution big data may have in this area and how to collect, use, share and analyze these data.

One of the arguments we often get for not sharing data is that it may be dangerous for those involved, they may be detected in the data file etc. which may be dangerous for them, in particular in present conflict zones. However, based on examples we can show that it is possible both to anonymize the data to such an extent that it safeguards the individual’s right to anonymity and still provide access to the data to avoid multiple data collection among these vulnerable groups.  A challenge is of course that data collected often includes a variety of sources such as qualitative and quantitative interviews, photos, drawings, satellite pictures etc and one of the WG’s to be established is likely to be on how to combine, store, share and analyze different types of data.

The IG will reach out to research institutions in academia, organisations, ministries we work with/know they have data in order to elaborated basis for cooperation and data exchange. We will also reach out to other RDA IG’s that are related thematically, methodologically or technically.



Ingvill C. Mochmann, GESIS-Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences , Germany.

Simone Haasler, GESIS-Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany

Norman Mukasa,  MRU and Bugema University, Uganda




Recent Activity

24 Jun 2019

Plenary 14 Session Submission Deadline Is Thursday!

With Plenary 14 (P14) scheduled to occur from October 23-25, the deadline for session submission is this Thursday, 27 June at 16:00 UTC.

Submissions for meeting sessions are open to working groups, interest groups, joint groups and birds of feather (BoF) meetings.

Please note, however, submissions are accepted from group chairs only. If you submit a session request for a group, please notify the other chairs of that group.

16 May 2019

Plenary 14: Call for Sessions, Collocated Events, Posters and Registration Now Open!

Taking place from 23-25 October 2019, the 14th RDA Plenary will take place in Dipoli, the nature-immersed building of Aalto University, Helsinki, in Finland, “one of the happiest countries in the world”, states Per Öster, CSC-IT Center For Science Director and Co-Chair of the P14 Programme Committee.


28 Mar 2019

Joint session on "Data for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): RDA Connections", Wednesday April 3rd 14.30-16.00

Dear all,
As you may already know there will be a joint session of the IG Data for Development, IG Health Data and IG Small unmanned aircraft systems at the RDA Plenary in Philadelphia. The topic is: Data for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): RDA Connections.
The session will take place Wednesday April 3, 14.30-16.00. For details see here:

24 Jan 2019

Big Data - Definition, Importance, Examples & Tools

Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. But it’s not the amount of data that’s important. It’s what organizations do with the data that matters. Big data can be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves.

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23 Oct 2018

IG Data for Development.: Invitation to session "Capacity Building for Data Management and Participation in International Surveys in Africa", 12 RDA Plenary, Botswana

Dear all,
Please find attached information on the session and presentations of the IG Data for Development at the RDA Plenary meeting next month.
We look forward to seeing many of you there.
Best wishes
Norman, Simone and Ingvill
Chair and co-chairs IG Data for Development

16 Jun 2018

Call for presentations at RDA Botswana 2018 - IG Data for Development

Dear all,
We want to organize the session "Capacity Building for East Africa for Data Management and Participation in International Surveys" at the next RDA Plenary in Botswana. If you would like to contribute with a presentation, please send title and abstract of max 250 words to us by June 25th 11.59 pm so we can upload the session proposal before the deadline June29th. If you have any questions, please let us know.
Best wishes Norman, Simone and Ingvill
Interest Group "Data for Development"
Proposal for a session

16 Sep 2017

Reminder and agenda ! AW: Session IG Data for development at RDA -Montreal September 19 2017, 4-5.30 pm, session room: Mansfield 3

Dear all,
We would like to remind you that our session:
Data sharing needs, requirements, and projects in developing countries
will take place on Tuesday September 19th, 16.00-17.30. Session Room: Mansfield 3.
Remote access will be provided, For details please see
1. Introduction (Ingvill C. Mochmann, IG Chair)

24 Aug 2017

Reminder! AW: Session IG Data for development at RDA -Montreal September 19 2017

Dear all,
We are happy to inform you that our session:
Data sharing needs, requirements, and projects in developing countries
Has been accepted for the 10 Plenary in Montreal. The session will take place on Tuesday September 19th, 16.00-17.30.
For further details see here