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Stefanie Kethers
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Larry Lannom and Wenbo Chu
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WGs Maintaining deliverables (maintenance group)

Please note that the Data Citation WG has delivered its outputs and is now a Maintenance Group for these outputs.


The RDA Working Group on Data Citation (WG-DC) aims to bring together agroup of experts to discuss the issues, requirements, advantages and shortcomings of existing approaches for efficiently citing subsets of data. The WG-DC focuses on a narrow field where we can contribute significantly and provide prototypes and reference implementations.

The final recommendations of the WGDC are available at (2-page flyer), with a slightly more extensive report being available at (Bulletin of the IEEE Technical Committee on Digital Libraries, 12:1, 2016).


The WGDC has now moved on into an adoption phase, supporting numerous data centers in implementing these recommendations and collecting feedback and lessons learned on the way. Please follow the discussion forum and wiki for updates on the status of these pilots. We are running a series of webinars where adopters present their implementations of the recommendations and their experiences in setting up the according services. Details on these webinars, recordings, slides and supporting materials are available from the WGDC Webinar page at

If you are interested in adopting these recommendations, would like to present you rimplementation of the recommendations, or if you have any questions concenring their interpretation, please let us know.

Recent Activity

21 Mar 2019

First RDA Output Adoption Webinar - Reproducible Health Research. 22 March

The Global RDA Adoption Team is organising a webinar tomorrow, Friday 22 March 8am PDT/ 11am EDT/ 3pm UTC, to boost the adoption of RDA Outputs. It will be first of a series, highlighting RDA outputs for adoption, presenting adopters who already have a story to tell and show the added value of RDA.

20 Mar 2019

WGDC Meeting at P13 in Philadelphia: Wed, April 3, 12:00, Break-Out 4

Dear all,
I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible during our upcoming break-out meeting at Plenary 13 in Philadelphia.
It is scheduled for
Wed, April 3, 12:00, during Break-Out Session 4 in Room: Commonwealth B
In order to put together the program for this meeting, please let me know if you would like to
- make a short presentation on any planned / on-going / finished

01 Mar 2019

Re: [rda-datacitation-wg] Data citation metrics question

Thanks to all for your helpful replies - much appreciated.
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To: Fry, Matthew; Data Citation WG
Subject: Re: [rda-datacitation-wg] Data citation metrics question
Dear Matt, all,

25 Feb 2019

Data citation metrics question

Dear data citation aficionados
There was a question going around our water group about DOIs vs uris for citation. Clearly many data journals strongly recommend DOIs but does anyone know if they are mandatory or just recommended?
And for an organisation capable of maintaining persistent identifiers, do they hold any intrinsic benefits over DOIs, e.g. in relation to the gathering of statistics around citations, e.g. h-index?
It seems crossref / datacite / scholix support other forms:

24 Jan 2019

Adoption Meeting of the WG on Dynamic Data Citation - P13 Session Accepted

Dear Working/Interest Group members,

Congratulations! Your session application - Adoption Meeting of the WG on Dynamic Data Citation - has been approved and will appear in the RDA Plenary 13 Programme. Please consider this your official notification of acceptance.

05 Nov 2018

Slides from today's WGDC Meeting at P12 in Gabarone

Dear all,
please find attached the slides presented at today's break-out session
of our working group at Plenary 12 in Gabarone, Botswana.
The slides also have been uploaded to the WG repository and are available at
Thanks to all the participants for the nice discussions, and
specifically for the presentations of the pilots currently under