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Stefanie Kethers
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Larry Lannom and Wenbo Chu
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WGs Maintaining deliverables (maintenance group)

Please note that the Data Citation WG has delivered its outputs and is now a Maintenance Group for these outputs.


The RDA Working Group on Data Citation (WG-DC) aims to bring together agroup of experts to discuss the issues, requirements, advantages and shortcomings of existing approaches for efficiently citing subsets of data. The WG-DC focuses on a narrow field where we can contribute significantly and provide prototypes and reference implementations.

The final recommendations of the WGDC are available at (2-page flyer), with a slightly more extensive report being available at (Bulletin of the IEEE Technical Committee on Digital Libraries, 12:1, 2016).


The WGDC has now moved on into an adoption phase, supporting numerous data centers in implementing these recommendations and collecting feedback and lessons learned on the way. Please follow the discussion forum and wiki for updates on the status of these pilots. We are running a series of webinars where adopters present their implementations of the recommendations and their experiences in setting up the according services. Details on these webinars, recordings, slides and supporting materials are available from the WGDC Webinar page at

If you are interested in adopting these recommendations, would like to present you rimplementation of the recommendations, or if you have any questions concenring their interpretation, please let us know.

Recent Activity

05 Nov 2018

Slides from today's WGDC Meeting at P12 in Gabarone

Dear all,
please find attached the slides presented at today's break-out session
of our working group at Plenary 12 in Gabarone, Botswana.
The slides also have been uploaded to the WG repository and are available at
Thanks to all the participants for the nice discussions, and
specifically for the presentations of the pilots currently under

26 Sep 2018

WGDC Meeting at P12 in Gabarone: Mon, Nov 5, 14:00

Dear all,
I am looking forward to meeting as many as possible during our upcoming
break-out meeting at Plenary 12 in Gabarone. It is scheduled for
Mon, Nov 5 14:00 - 15:30
I haven't received any room information yet, but I'll let you know as
soon as it becomes available.
In order to put together the program for this meeting, please let me
know if you would like to

20 Aug 2018

Small chapter on Dynamic Data Citation published

The CCCA Data Centre published in June 2018 a short description about the our RDA Pilot Implementation on Dynamic Data Citation and Subsetting at Springer Lecture Notes “Service-Oriented Mapping - Changing Paradigm in Map Production and Geoinformation Management“.
Within “Handling Continuous Streams for Meteorological Mapping” we described our approaches by using the RDA recommendations on Dynamic Data Citation, how to deal with persistent identifier, data versioning metadata, etc. and why dynamic is such an important aspect for large and frequently changed data.

21 Mar 2018

Slides of the WGDC-Mtg@RDA-P11 available

Dear all,
The slides presented at today's break-out session of the Data Citation
Working Group are now available in the group file repository at:
Thanks a lot for the massive attendance and the great discussion. It
seems like we'll have a much higher number of adopters very soon judging
also from the discussions that we had after the meeting ended.
Again, please let me know if you are aware of any ongoing

19 Mar 2018

WGDC-Mtg@RDA-P11: Wed., 21.3., 12:00, A03: Call for Slides/Presentations

Dear all,
As you will have noticed, our session at P11 is scheduled for
Wed, March 21, 12:00-13:30 in room A03
If you would like to present anything during the session, could you
please *** send me your slides *** so that I can integrate them prior to
our break-out session? This makes switching between presentations easier
and allows us to distribute all slides (if you agree) after the session
in a single package.
We are looking specifically for presentations on new or planned

07 Mar 2018

Second online asynchronous meeting of the RDA Linguistics Data Interest Group (LDIG)

Dear all,
We are holding the second online asynchronous meeting of the Linguistics Data Interest Group (LDIG) from today until March 16. We hope to hold these meetings 2-4 times a year, as a way for you to help shape the direction of the group and its work, and to ensure the experiences of a wide range of linguists are reflected in the LDIG outputs.