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19 Oct 2023

Course: FAIR ontologies engineering

On behalf of NeIC, we hereby present a unique opportunity to learn more about data integration in the context of FAIR, and including semantic interoperability, ontologies and data modelling. This is essential in the context of developing integration of data and metadata within and beyond a domain and holds the potential of providing insight and boosting discoverability. Prof. Giancarlo Guizzardi (Univ. of Twente) is a leading figure in ontology developement and conceptual data modelling in particular.

Dates: 16-17 Nov, 2023

Location: Oslo

Enhancing interoperability through use of PIDs in research platforms

14 March 2023 411 reads

The project will provide a concrete demonstration of the benefits of data and metadata interoperability through the incorporation of PIDs in a research infrastructure. This will be achieved by designing the ability to incorporate DataCite DOIs into the RSpace digital research platform, which includes an electronic lab notebook that is integrated with a sample management system.