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Logo Usage

The RDA Logo and other related brands are registered trademarks of the Research Data Alliance Foundation. To ensure consistent adherence to RDA Principles, permission is generally required to use the RDA Logo and branding. Permission is granted by the Secretary General (or designee) in consultation with the Council co-chairs. Typically, logo use is granted along with endorsement of a product or activity (see below). Requests to use the logo should be sent to enquiries[at]

In the following situations, explicit permission is not required, but notification of the use is appreciated.

  • Current Organisational Members and Affiliates may use the logo on their web sites and other promotional material to demonstrate their support of RDA.
  • Organisations that adopt RDA Recommendations may use the logo on relevant media to indicate they are using RDA Recommendations in a particular product or service (i.e. a sort of “powered by RDA” concept).
  • Current, endorsed Working Groups and Interest Groups may use the logo on materials related to official Group activity such as meetings outside formal Plenaries, RDA product promotion, community engagement activities, etc.
  • Official Regional RDA’s (with a valid, approved partnership agreement) may use their version of the logo (see below) as they see fit as long as the logo user adheres to RDA Principles.

RDA encourages broad use of the RDA logo to promote RDA products, activities, and principles, but retains the right to deny usage in any situation deemed inappropriate by the Secretary General in consultation with Council co-chairs.

RDA Endorsements

As appropriate, RDA endorses or supports events, products, statements, and occasionally proposals and projects. Unless otherwise noted, the Secretary General in consultation with the Council Co-chairs decide whether to endorse something. Endorsement allows the use of the RDA logo and includes help with promotion and coordination but does not include financial support.

RDA also formally recognizes and collaborates closely with funded national or regional RDA initiatives (e.g. RDA/Europe, RDA/United States).


Upon request, RDA endorses an event if the event:

  • helps advance or lower barriers to data sharing, and
  • involves one or more RDA officials (Chairs, TAB, OAB, Council, Secretariat) in the organization or conduct of the event.

Note: Individual WGs and IGs may endorse events on behalf of their own groups.


Typically, product endorsement is limited to formal RDA Recommendations, but, on request, RDA may endorse particular products that especially highlight other RDA deliverables or emphasize RDA principles.


Upon request, RDA endorses documents, whitepapers, statements of principle, etc. that advance data sharing and RDA principles and demonstrate broad community consensus (e.g. the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles).

The endorsement of such principles requires approval of the full RDA Council.

Projects and Proposals

Unless it is a project that explicitly advances RDA organisational objectives, RDA only provides generic support. Requests for proposal letters of support must include a clear statement of how they will use RDA to further their project objectives as well as an agreement to adopt RDA principles.

Letters of support issued by the Secretary General (or designee) typically take the following form:

Dear [colleague]

The Secretariat of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) actively supports and encourages all projects that advance research data sharing and adhere to RDA principles of openness, harmonization, balance, and consensus with a community-driven, non-profit approach. We provide communication tools and services, facilitation and coordination of global efforts, and a ready forum and neutral place for engaged work and discussion.

The [project] proposed to [agency] meets these criteria, and I look forward to working with you if it is successful. The broader Secretariat staff and I will actively help the group form and operate RDA Interest and Working Groups, as appropriate. This should help advance the work of the group and provide focus to certain deliverables in a broad and balanced international context.

Regional RDAs

A regional RDA is a geographically based branch of RDA committed to RDA principles and directly contributing to achieving the RDA vision and mission. Regional RDAs are approved and recognized in negotiation with RDA Council. As per Council decision in 2017, in order to adhere to RDA communications and trademark processes and policies, no external web sites (on different domains from and should be established and published.  

RDA Regional logos are a replica of the RDA brand with the region indicated in blue underneath, example shown:

RDA template for presentations

Version 2016

RDA Powerpoint template

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RDA Recommendations are the official, endorsed results of RDA and considered our “flagship” Outputs.

Version January 2022

RDA Recomendations Cards

RDA ICT Technical Specifications in Europe

July 2018









RDA Magazine - March 2016 Edition  

ERCIM News Special theme Scientific Data sharing and re-use, Number 100, January 2015, ISSN 0926-4981,

Treloar, A. (2014), "The Research Data Alliance: globally co-ordinated action against barriers to data publishing and sharing", Learned Publishing: special issue to Volume 27, pp 9-13(5), September 1. DOI: (author's open-access version also available)

D-Lib Magazine  issue focused on RDA  - January / February 2014, Volume 20, Number 1/2. DOI, ISSN: 1082-9873

Some statistics on our members

Watch this space for updated statistics on the RDA Membership issued on a monthly basis.

In addition to the membership, both individual and organisational, details you can also find general information on the Research Data Alliance. You are encouraged to use and integrate these slides if you would like to present details on RDA.

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“This work was developed as part of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) ‘WG/IG’ entitled ‘long name (short name)’, and we acknowledge the support provided by the RDA community and structures”

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