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Why RDA makes the difference

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is an international organization dedicated to promoting the development of global infrastructure for data sharing and data-driven exploration. Is mission is to build the social and technical bridges to enable data sharing and re-use across countries, disciplines and technologies. Launched in 2013, the RDA has grown precipitously from 250individuals at its first Plenary to over 9000RDA community members from 135+ countries in 2019.


A Data Hungry Research Field

At the RDA 14th Plenary meeting in Helsinki, 23-25 October 2019, RDA chairs were asked "Why data makes the difference?". Their answers revealed the inherent value of RDA evident from their answers here in this video.

RDA Plenaries: powered by people

RDA Plenaries are held every six months in different places around the world. They are exciting and productive events that bring together a unique community of data scientists, librarians, computer scientists, and domain scientists. Plenary meetings are special working events that really help move the community forward in creating tangible deliverables that improve data sharing across disciplines, technologies, and countries


What is RDA and Why Should I Attend the 15th Plenary in Melbourne?


RDA 14th Plenary Opening Session


RDA 14th Plenary - Data Makes the Difference - highlights

RDA 14th Plenary in Finland brought together data experts in research, industry and policy-making from all around the world and from all disciplines under the theme Data Makes the Difference.


RDA in one word

We asked different people within the project to describe RDA with just one word. The result? Enjoy RDA in one word !


Introducing RDA Plenary 14th

Why to Join Plenary 14th in Helsinki? We have a couple of good reasons, but please, go and check them out!

Plenary 13th Closing session

The torch has been passed and next plenary will be held in Helsinki. The full session here!



Recommendations and Outputs are among the biggest outcomes of RDA. Discover how they work!