WG Software Source Code Identification - 13th RDA Plenary Meeting

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11 January 2019 1545 reads

Meeting title: Identifying, referencing and citing the source code of research software: a state of the art (Remote Access Instructions)

Room Location: Congress C

Collaborative session notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dbqikAPGe0qprqsQB2Lyts0blQKExD4KoOzQpXQ9QoY/edit

Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities:

The Software Source Code Identification WG is being established to bring together a broad panel of stakeholders directly involved in software identification, addressing many different use cases in the research community, and building a bridge with best practice in industry.
Indeed, while software source code has only very recently been recognised as important subject matter in a few initiatives related to scholarly publication and archiving, the overwhelming majority of software source code is developed and used outside the academic world, in industry and in developer communities where software is routinely identified and referenced, in practice, through methods that are totally different from the ones used in scholarly publications. 

The planned output of the Working Group will be concrete recommendations for the academic community to ensure that the solutions that will be adopted by the academic players are compatible with each other and especially with the software development practice of tens of millions of developers worldwide.

Additional links to informative material related to the group:

Meeting objectives:

This is the first physical meeting of the working group, which is a joint RDA/FORCE11 effort. The objectives of the meeting are:

1) Kickstart the group activity, introducing the group members, objectives, and scheduled workplan
2) Discuss the different reasons for and objectives of software source code identification, in academia and in industry
3) Document the state-of-the-art, with information on the relevant initiatives and ongoing activities that have been taking place in the area of software source code identification

Meeting agenda:

- Introduction to the working group objectives and structure for newcomers (10m)
- Conceptual framework for source code identification (15m)
- Group work and discussion on the objectives of source code identification (20m)
- Presentation of an initial state-of-the-art in the area of software source code identification (15m)
- Group work on a document describing the state-of-the-art (20m)
- Wrap up: summary of results and next steps (10m)

Target audience:

The target audience for this session comprises: funders and publishers of research work; researchers who produce, use, or reuse software; repository managers; software project owners; software developers who publish their software; software catalog and index maintainers; software source code researchers; software preservation and archival experts; and others with an interest in using and/or establishing a shared framework for the identification of software source code.

Participants should familiarise themselves with current efforts in preserving and identifying source code (such as Software Heritage), citing software (such as the FORCE11 Software Citation Principles), and reproducible research.

Group chair serving as contact person: Roberto Di Cosmo

Type of meeting: Working meeting