WG RDA/WDS Publishing Data Services RDA 8th Plenary meeting

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27 May 2016 2864 reads

Meeting title Toward an open global information ecosystem for data-literature links

Please give a short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

The Publishing Data Services working group has been active for the last 18 months working on a vision for an open information ecosystem for data-literature links and a comprehensive data-literature linking service.
The working group completed and established a demonstrator service <http://dliservice.research-infrastructures.eu/#/> operated by OpenAire and a number of enabling infrastructure elements developed by DataCite and CrossRef <http://eventdata.crossref.org/> <https://eventdata.datacite.org/>.
The group included input from a broad number of data services and publishers some of whom established a significant demonstrator pool of links <http://dliservice.research-infrastructures.eu/#/datasources>.
The working group has also produced an interoperability framework and hub model to enable the global aggregation of the information <www.scholix.org>.

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WG background: rdawds-publishing-data-services-wg.html
demonstrator service: http://dliservice.research-infrastructures.eu/#/
crossref and datacite enabling infrastructure: <http://eventdata.crossref.org/> <https://eventdata.datacite.org/>
interoperability framework: http://www.scholix.org/home

Please list the meeting objectives

The meeting will map out and receive feedback on the forward work plan for the phase 2 working group, a charter for which is being submitted to the RDA and WDS.
It will establish strategic directions, implementation projects for the Scholix principles, and further detailed standards and interoperability work.

Meeting agenda

1) Working group status update (Hylke Koers)

2) Scholix in action (Martin Fenner)

3) Discussion on charter: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zpQ1vfjzudPuLRJ8aXt7INoW8kQvKfaWp1CFSi...(Wouter Haak)

4 ) Input into the forward work plan (All):
*Technical Development of demonstrators in relation to the user scenarios (defined in previous WG)
*Interoperation of the hubs
*Technical Development of Hubs
*Extension and Development of Scholix
*Community to hub sub-projects, eg publishers, data centres, discipline areas.
*Liaison, Outreach, Co-ordination and Cooperation with advocacy groups, other funded projects, prospective hubs
*Adoption Strategy
*Sustainability Strategy

Audience: Please specify who is your target audience and how they should prepare for the meeting

Everybody who has an interest in organizing or using links between research data and the literature - including some of the main stakeholders like data centers, publishers, infrastructure providers, funders, etc.

Group chair serving as contact person Adrian Burton