WG RDA/WDS Publishing Data Services - P5 meeting session

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27 January 2015 1452 reads

The WG Publishing Data Services concerns itself with processes, workflows, and solutions that currently exist as bilateral arrangements between parties in the data publication landscape - and aims to lift those to one-for-all services for greater interoperability, scalability, and ultimately to power better solutions for researchers. The specific technical objective for the WG is to establish a universal cross-referencing service for research articles and data, which allows users to find data relevant for articles and vice versa. This is done as a collaborative effort in which all of the key stakeholders - data centers, publishers, infrastructure providers, and bibliographical service providers - are included. In this meeting we will present a status update and review next steps to realize the WG objectives.

Contact Person: Hylke Koers

Co-chairs: Adrian Burton & Hylke Koers