WG Data Security and Trust: Start building the trust

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29 February 2016 1117 reads
Date & time: Thursday 3rd March - 09:00 - 10:30 - Working Meeting Session 6
The exchange of information is based on a very fundamental concept: mutual trust. Trust is difficult to establish and easy to lose. In order to be able to trust each other, research facilities, companies and institutions need to agree on and ensure minimum data protection standards. This requires a verifiable layer of trustworthiness, which goes beyond paying lip service. Only if the partners can agree on data authenticity and integrity standards, only if they can show that the privacy of sensitive data meets the policy needs of the data owners and if access can be granted and revoked based on valid criteria, trustworthy data exchange is possible.
This session will introduce the new Working Group for Data Security and Trust (WGDST) and the topics that the WGDST will work on which will initially include:
● Operational (technical) policies on data access and data release for research data
that is deemed sensitive because of privacy or commercial considerations, or other
● Authentication and authorisation protocols for data access
● Protocols for data integrity and authenticity
● Secure and privacy aware data processing
● Data sharing (processing data offsite) and code exchange (processing onsite)
What the WG aims at is a common arena for understanding and harmonizing various notions of data security and trust across research domains, which should facilitate common agreements on standards, best practices and policies. This, in turn, should allow access to, and/or exchange, of sensitive data without disclosure to unauthorised parties and according to clearly defined and verifiable protocols.