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27 January 2015 1426 reads

Wednesday 11 March 2015 - Sunset Ballroom Salon IV

The mainfocus of this session is the intorduction to the interoperability projects in this group, and particularly the Research Data Switchboard platform.

Co-chairs: Adrian Burton, Amir Aryani

Discussion topics:

- Introduction

- Interoperability using ORCID, DOI and other identifiers: oportunities, challanges, and future work. 

- Research Data Switchboard: 

--- Background: Neo4j Technology, Cypher

--- How to integrate your data?

--- How to use Cypher to link your data to ORCID, Dryad, Figshare, Research Data Australia and CERN:InspireHep

- Sustainability of the services beyond the life time of the WG






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