Joint Session: WG Data Description Registry Interoperability, IG PID, WG RDA/WDS Publishing Data Services

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27 January 2015 1429 reads
Identifiers and Interoperability 
All chair names: Adrian Burton, Amir Aryani, Tobias Weigel, Laurel Haak, Hylke Koers
This discussion session will draw on the experience of three RDA Groups** to tease out specific issues related to identifiers and interoperability: 
  1.  "One identifier to rule them all? or is every identifier sacred?": the role of multiple identifier systems in aggregations and interoperability.
  2. "Is the whole different from the sum of the parts?":  What social contract do we need for global research data?  Is it ok to aggregate information about researchers and their research from a global information system?
The session will include some examples of these issues from RDA groups as well as roundtable discussion with input from data centres, repositories, publishers and other stakeholders.
**The Data Description Registry Interoperability Working Group, the Data Publication Services WG and the Persistent Identifiers Interest Group