WG Data Description Registry Interoperability (DDRI) - RDA 11th Plenary meeting

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02 January 2018 1384 reads

Meeting title: 

Connecting Research Data repositories using Graph Technologies

Collaborative session notes:


A short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities

Presentations by DDRI participants/ collaborators:

  • GESIS: Discovering Research Data Links via GESIS LOD Research Graph
  • NCI: Tracking the Research Data Footprints 
  • Duraspace: Creating a Data Service Using Research Graph and VIVO
  • APO: Connecting APO datasets to international scholarly works

All four presentations are using the DDRI interoperability model and the RD-Switchboard open source code.

Furthermore, we will have two lightning talks by British Library and RMIT university on their upcoming projects.

Finally, we will open the discussion on the next working group that is focused on interoperability between public health data. This has been a topic of interest for several DDRI participants, and we are working on a new WG proposal to progress this.

Additional links to informative material related to the group


Meeting objectives

The two main objectives of this meeting are: presenting current and upcoming DDRI adoption projects, and discuss ideas for the new working group. 

Meeting agenda

  • Introduction
  • Presentations by three DDRI adopters

  • Lightning talks about new ideas and projects

  • Discussion about the next working group on public health data.

Target audience:

This session will be valuable for technical experts, repository managers, research managers and policymakers.

Group chair serving as contact person:  Amir Aryani

Type of meeting: Informative meeting

Group maturity: more than 18 months