WG Data Citation - P6 meeting session

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21 July 2015 3448 reads

23 September 2015- BREAKOUT 2 - 13:30

This Session will serve as a kind of wrap-up of the activities of our WG, focusing on evaluating the feedback and lessons learned from the pilots and discussing the next steps forward wrt. supporting further take-up of the recommendations and identifying aspects that still need further discussion as well as identifying the best means to address these. The proposed agenda is as follows

13:30 - Intro and Welcome

13:40 - Pilots and Use Cases

14:00 - Recommendations QA

14:30 - Takeup activities

14:50 - Future plans


Please note that we are NOT planning to do a detailed presentation of the recommendations, as these have been presented repeatedly during the last plenary meetings and a series of webinars. We thus encourage all participants to read through the 2-page flyer summarizing the recommendations. We will then start the discussion, pilot presentations, Q&A session, etc. based on these recommendations.

Contact Person: Andreas Rauber, rauber@ifs.tuwien.ac.at

Co-chairs: Ari Asmi, Dieter van Uytvank

Secretary: Stefan Pröll, sproell@sba-research.org