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Dr Vang Le-Quy

Member since: 03/26/2020 - 12:19
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Clinical Bioinformatic, Data Science
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CLAAUDIA, Aalborg University
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Vang works as a special consultant in data science at CLAAUDIA, Aalborg University, with main goal: train and support researchers to overcome entry barrier to applying data science (AI) methods and tools to their research. This include teaching courses, infrastructure support, documentation, software debugging. With passion toward Linux and programming, while doing his PhD in applied molecular biology (2006-2009), he taught himself Linux, Linux administration, bioinformatics, etc. and take courses in computer science frequently. With more than 6 years of working at Aalborg University Hopsital as clinical bioinformatician, he helped the department to build and deliver genomics service through multiple sequencing technologies.

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