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Member since: 10/27/2016 - 16:05
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Data Leadership
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Senior Director
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American Geophysical Union
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Small and Medium Enterprise
Washington, DC
United States

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Shelley Stall is the Vice President for the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) Open Science Leadership Program. She, and the team, work with AGU’s members, their organizations, and the broader research community to improve data and digital object practices with the ultimate goal of elevating how research data and software are managed, valued, and made as open as possible. The work of the Open Science Leadership team is to remove barriers towards making science more reproducible and transparent. We have compiled and developed resources ( that helps our broad community move towards science practices that are more open and make data and software more accessible and interoperable, supporting complex, innovative, and multi-national challenges. AGU partners with ESIP on the Open Science and Data Help Desk that is held at geoscience (and related) meetings worldwide including AGUs and the European Geosciences Union General Assembly. We work with the publishing community and supporting service providers to ensure proper attribution and credit for data and software citations that support published research articles. Learn more about Open Science ( and our projects on our web site ( Shelley is a member of the Board on Research Data and Information of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and an ex-officio member of the Roundtable on Aligning Incentives for Open Scholarship. She is the co-chair of the Research Data Alliance Organizational Assembly (, and leads working groups focused on the FAIR Data Maturity Model, Complex Citations, and discipline-specific work in the Earth Space and Environmental Sciences Interest Group. AGU is recognized as an international leader in data and software sharing, preservation and citation for the Earth, space and environmental sciences, working across the complex research ecosystem to lower barriers for researchers to get the most out of existing data and software and make their own digital products as FAIR and open as possible.

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