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Member since: 02/19/2016 - 06:39
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ICT enabled Extension, Rice Research and Development
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Principl Scientist (Agricultural Extension) and Coordinator RKMP
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ICAR Indian Institute of Rice Research
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Dr. Shaik N.Meera has made outstanding contributions in Indian rice sector with innovative extension methods and practical ICT approaches benefiting rice farmers and extension agencies. He is a member of the Agricultural Research Service in India since 2003, currently working as a Senior Scientist in the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and has successfully completed my professional assessment for promotion to the level of Principal Scientist. The Rice Knowledge Management Portal developed by him is acclaimed as one of the finest ICT applications in agriculture by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The Rice Portal has made significant impacts across the country by improving the farmers’ access to rice knowledge. He has contributed to the introduction of several new rice varieties/ hybrids/ technologies by coordinating more than 7000 Frontline Demonstrations in last 6 years, benefitting 18318 rice farmers directly. He has received several national and international awards such as Lal Bahadur Shastri Young Scientist Award of ICAR for the year 2014, INSEE Young Extension Professional 2013, Agriculture Leadership Award 2013, ISEE Young Scientist Award 2008, ISEE Young Scientist Award 2008, SSDAT Distinguished Scientist Award 2014, Golden Jubilee Outstanding Award of IIRR, Hyderabad. Introduced impact acceleration concepts such as ‘India Rice Check’, ‘Sustainable Livelihoods’, ‘e-learning’ for extension systems’, GIS Technologies for Rice Sector, Refining the Simulation Models, Practical KM models, Participatory approaches (PTD, PVS) etc.,that have directly impacted the data/ information / knowledge flows in rice value chain. From extension research to extension service, he struck an effective balance to blend Information and Communication Technologies with traditional extension methods that resulted in improving the livelihoods of thousands of Indian rice farmers. He has 8 years’ experience in collaborating with CGIAR (IRRI, ICRISAT) and have been closely involved in developing and sustaining the knowledge management activities in the CGIAR ( examples are: redefining Rice Doctor, Rice Knowledge Bank, rice topic maps, Agrovoc, voc bench, VASAT etc.,). Job assignments such as Visiting Researcher (2012) at International Rice Research Institute, Philippines and Visiting Scientist (2010) at Iowa State University, USA have provided him with detailed appreciation of the way ICT-based or digital agricultural efforts can be made relevant in the contexts of sub Saharan Africa and tropical Asia. He has published 78 research papers, 26 training manuals and 5 books. Delivered several talks during International and national symposia/ conferences / workshops. Worked as Visiting Researcher at International Rice Research Institute, Philippines during 2012-13.

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