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Dr Ramil Mauleon Chair

Member since: 02/02/2016 - 10:14
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Scientist - Bioinformatics Specialist
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International Rice Research Institute
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Los Banos

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I am currently a scientist (Bionformatics Specialist) at the International Rice Research Institute based in the Philippines, collaborating with local and international academic and research institutions for the bioinformatics component of various research programs. My research interests are: Bioinformatics: Implementing re-usable analysis workflows for high throughput dataset with high computing demand ; research on data standards (ontologies), data exchange, and database inter-operability. Biology: In-silico identification of candidate gene(s) causal to trait of interest from analyses of heterogenous datasets (ie. gene/genome variations, sequences, gene interaction network inferences, meta-analyses of published QTLs/GWAS, literature/text mining of related publications)

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