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Dr Raphael Cóbe Chair

Member since: 12/13/2018 - 20:03
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Artificial Intelligence
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Project Manager
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Sao Paulo State University - Unesp / Advanced Institute for Artificial Intelligence - AI2
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Sao Paulo

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Raphael Mendes de Oliveira Cobe studied Computer Engineering and holds a Ph.D. on Computer Science with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence. He accounts for over 15 years of experience on software development. He works as Research Associate at Sao Paulo State University since 2015 on projects related to Machine Learning and High Performance Computing. He is also part of the team that maintains the SPRACE WLCG Tier 2 infrastructure. Since 2018, he's been acting as co-chair of the CODATA/RDA Research Data Science Schools for Low and Middle Income Countries and helped organizing and taught at several editions of the schools. He is one of the founding members and currently project manager of the Advanced Institute for Artificial Intelligence - AI2, a non-profit organization that aims to connect the university and the private sector by means of projects that have a positive socio-economic impact.

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