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Dr Lina Elisabet Sitz

Member since: 09/16/2016 - 12:26
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Earth System Physics
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International Centre for Theoretical Physics - Universidad Nacional del Sur
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PhD in Physics. Scientist and assistant teacher, working in the field of Earth System Physics, both in Argentina and Italy. For more than 10 years studying ocean dynamics and its effects over the climate and the environment. Main activities: development, implementation and analysis of numerical models to study the ocean and atmosphere dynamics and their effects over the climate (regions: South Atlantic Ocean, South America and Central America). Processing and analysis of observed Glider data (region: Levantine sea). Autosal and Thermosalinograph, CTD operator in international oceanographic cruises in the South Atlantic Ocean. In 2019 developed a project to share research data responsibly aimed to provide resources to scientists working under unfavourable conditions (LMICs countries). Her current research interests also include open science, citizen science, research support services and research data management.

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