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Mrs Helena Laaksonen

Member since: 02/09/2018 - 12:21
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Data archives
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Finnish Social Science Data Archive
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Currently, Director of the FSD, whose main duties are leading and management of the data archive, external liaisons and networks, data acquisitions. The Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) is a national resource centre for social science research and teaching. FSD provides a variety of services ranging from data archiving and dissemination to information service. Its primary goal is to increase the use of existing social science data in Finland and internationally. The Archive began operating in 1999 as a separate unit of the University of Tampere and is funded by the University of Tampere, Ministry of Education and the Academy of Finland (external infrastructure projects). The FSD is a national Service Provider for the CESSDA ERIC. Before my career in the FSD (starting in 2002 as data archivist) I was a research fellow in the Uni Tampere in several comparative sociological research projects.

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