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Dr Eva Méndez Chair

Member since: 05/27/2014 - 17:25
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Information Science (metadata)
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Deputy Vice-president for Scientific Policy // Chair of EU Open Science Policy Platform
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Universidad Carlos III of Madrid
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I am a faculty member and a researcher in the Library and Information Science (LIS) department in the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain). My field of expertise is Metadata, Open Access and LOD (Linked Open Data) in the big realm of Digital Libraries, Repositories and other information infrastructures. I have served as Deputy Vice President for Strategy and Digital Education at my University, in charge of projects around the academic library, MOOCs, and openness. I am currently Deputy vice-president for Scientific Policy, devoted to Open Science, as well as the chair or the Open Science Working group of YERUN (Young European Research University Network). From May 2016 I am a member of the EU Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP), actively involved in several sub-working groups that include FAIR Data and EOSC, and from September 2018 I am the OSPP chair for its second mandate. I have published more than 75 works (papers, reports, and other research outcomes). I was European Union Fulbright Research Scholar at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (2005-06) and I have been serving as independent expert of the European Commission for the evaluation and review of EU projects regarding Digital Libraries, Open Access and Open Science. I am very much interested in Open data and in the management of Research Data, as well as all the information policies and education of data scientist, data librarians, etc. but also in all the interoperability issues related with Vocabularies and Metadata to make Open Science a reality. In this sense I have participated organizing activities related to FOSTER, THOR and EDISON projects. I have also participated in the Unesco Open Data and Open Repositories discussion, and in many other activities related with Research Data in Spain and Europe, including several RDA workshops. I am member of the OpenAire2020 Advisory Board from 2015 and of the DCMI Advisory Board from 2005. I may 2015 I was awarded as Young Researcher of my University in the field of Humanities, Communication and Library Science. In 2017 I was named "Open Data Champion" from SPARC Europe. I was involved as PC member in the organization of RDA 9Plenary in Barcelona, and one of the instigators of RDA Iberia (Spain+Portugal). I belong to more than 15 WG or IG in RDA. And I am a happy RDA ambassador for Interdisciplinary Research.

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