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Dr Emma Crott Chair

Member since: 04/19/2023 - 23:09
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Chief of Staff
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Australian Research Data Commons
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Policy/Funding Agency

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Dr Emma Crott is Chief of Staff and Company Secretary for the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC). The ARDC is a sector-wide initiative enabled by the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) to provide Australian researchers with competitive advantage through data. The ARDC’s mission is to accelerate research and innovation by driving excellence in the creation, analysis and retention of high-quality data assets. Emma has extensive knowledge of the Australian research sector both from the perspective as a former academic and grants writer, and now working within the digital research infrastructure ecosystem. Holding a PhD in Art Theory from UNSW, Emma brings a unique creative perspective to science and innovation, utilising her skills in design thinking, strategy and governance to ensure Australian researchers are best supported to produce world class research.

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