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Ms Amanda Lawrence

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Information management
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RMIT University
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Amanda Lawrence is a researcher and librarian based in Melbourne specialising on public knowledge infrastructure, research communication and knowledge mobilisation for public policy. She passed her PhD in Media and Communications at RMIT University in March 2021 and has a Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Management and an Arts Degree with honours from the University of Melbourne majoring in literature and social theory. She has worked as Director of Analysis & Policy Observatory (, a policy research digital platform from 2006 until 2018, Literature Program Manager at the Asialink Centre, University of Melbourne, and various other roles in the cultural and publishing industry. She currently serves on the Wikimedia Australia Committee, the advisory group for Policy Commons and the Board of CERES environment park in Melbourne, Australia. Amanda is also into all the other good things in life like yoga and running, hiking, singing, dancing, reading novels and dabbling in the vegie garden.

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