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Senior Lecturer
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University of Montpellier
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Agnès Robin is Senior Lecturer in Private Law at the University of Montpellier. Deputy Director of the Innovation, Communication and Market Laboratory (LICeM), she is also Director of the "Intellectual Property and Digital Law" Master's program at Montpellier Law School, and of the "Research Data Management" D.E. program. She defended a thesis in 2001 entitled "Intellectual Coproperty" (Ed. Fondation Varenne, 2005). A laureate of the Montpellier Faculty of Law and Political Science and a laureate of the Fondation Varenne, she is the author of several books : "Intellectual Property and Civil Law" (dir.), PUAM, 2007 ; "Research and Innovation Law. An economical and legal Analysis" (dir.), Larcier, 2010 ; "Introduction into Intellectual Property Law. Unity and diversity", Larcier, 2020, 4rth ed.; "Sharing The intellectual Property", Dalloz, 2020 ; "Research Data Law. Open science, innovation, public data", Larcier, 2022. Her scientific activity is focused on three areas: 1° Intellectual property law; 2° Research and innovation law; 3° Digital law. She has published numerous articles and given lectures on topics such as open data, laboratory notebooks, scientific plagiarism, the valorization of research, the State's scientific heritage, open science, digital university, marketplaces. She participates in collective research projects related to these themes (e.g. Institut de convergences #DigitAg, OACS, ConsentChain, Bibracte, etc.) and pilots the interdisciplinary research project CommonData, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme SUD's platform. She has editorial responsibilities for the journal Cahiers Droit, Sciences et Technologies (OpenEdition/PUAM), as well as for the journal Intelligibilité du numérique (Numerev). Member of several networks as the CIS (Center Internet & Society) Network, RDA, NoST…

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