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Dr Antonella Zane

Member since: 11/04/2016 - 14:47
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Digital Library Services
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University of Padova
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Antonella Zane has a doctor’s degree on Earth Sciences and 10 years of research background in Petrology and Archaeometry. After Research, she started working at the University of Padova Library System in 1998. Since 2002 she has collaborated with the Digital Library Group of the Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI) in Pisa, partner of DELOS the Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries. She is the Library System resource person for the EU funded projects since 2003. Since 2011, with the role of Head of the Digital Library Sector she coordinates a working group of 54 librarians involved in digital services (Institutional repositories, Digitisation projects, and in supporting researchers on Open Access issues).

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