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Mr Sudhir Shrestha

Member since: 09/28/2016 - 02:51
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Earth Science, GIS, Remote Sensing
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Solution Engineer/ Earth Scientist
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United States

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Solution Engineer and Scientific Data enthusiast with keen interest in making data easily Discoverable and Interoperable. Sudhir’s interests and expertise fall in development and implementation of new and innovative geospatial methods, techniques. These include Soil Moisture, Hydrological Modeling, and other complex Spatial and Statistical Modeling techniques that cover the Weather and Climate forecast and modeling; and applications of scientific data including the multidimensional weather and climate data. Sudhir works extensively with the Data Interoperability, Data and Metadata standards, R Programming and Linux system integration including the application of high resolution hyperspectral imagery and ground based and airborne LiDAR data. Sudhir's current portfolio focuses on supporting the federal science communities.​

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