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Dr Esther Hurtos

Professional Title: Programme Manager/Project Manager
Other: Senior Project Manager & Prospecting – Public Programmes

Primary domain: Biomaterials for Health

Organization name: Fundació Eurecat

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Cerdanyola del Valles - Spain

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Physics Degree and PhD in Materials Science in thin-film deposition for electronics. Eight years of professional experience in R&D in 3 industrial companies in automotive, home appliances and industrial installation sectors, with management and technical responsibilities. She’s been part of the Public Programmes team of EURECAT for nine years, specializing in collaborative R&D management with and for SMEs in the healthcare sector. Current responsibilities include: project prospecting, entity promotion in different public programmes, fundraising of public national and international projects, project feasibility assessment, definition and implementation. With experience in deploying new technologies in industrial sectors and technological innovation in SME's. Specialist in Biomaterials for Health and Advanced Manufacturing industrial projects. Coordinator of two projects in biomaterials for medical implants: • A large FP6-NMP-IP, CustomIMD, developing manufacturing and ICT technologies for customized medical implants supply chain development, concluded in 2011 and selected by the EC as a success story for the strong impact of its achievements. • Currently coordinating a large FP7-NMP project, BIP-UPy, on bioactive polymeric biomaterials for in-situ tissue regeneration in two clinical fields, that will finish in early 2017. In 2013 she participated in the Expert Group of the EC to prepare the H2020 Roadmap of Biomaterials for Health (DG Research & Innovation). In the manufacturing field, she is the project coordinator of Optintegral, H2020-ICT project on Hybrid in-mould integration of optoelectronics and optics for large area displays that will finish in 2017.