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Ms Annemarie Klaasse

Member since: 03/24/2016 - 07:44
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Remote sensing for water management
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Project manager
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Small and Medium Enterprise

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Annemarie is an experienced remote sensing specialist with over 15 years of experience in the use of remote sensing data and algorithms for environmental applications, ranging from research studies, custom-made projects to operational services. She has a good understanding of the surface energy balance SEBAL that is used to estimate actual evapotranspiration and biomass production from earth observation data. Besides a strong technical background she also has the capability to communicate and explain the technical information to the user. Annemarie enjoys working in an international environment and has been active in (among others) Bangladesh, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Kazakhstan, Laos, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Turkey, USA, Vietnam and Yemen.

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