Andrew Maffei

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Mr Andrew Maffei

Professional Title: IT Specialist/IT Architect
Other: Senior Information Systems Specialist

Primary domain: Oceanographic Data Community

Organization name: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Woods Hole, MA - United States

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Andrew Maffei plays many roles in the areas of computing and information research and services at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). Most of the projects he has been involved in or led at WHOI have focused on providing technical infrastructure for WHOI scientists. Some of his initial work at WHOI was as network manager, early provision of Internet to research vessels at sea, design of high-speed, underwater, fiber-optic networks, and other "things network". Today he leads a number of data and information related projects with the aim of helping to build an ocean informatics infrastructure at WHOI and for the oceanographic community at large -- an infrastructure that helps make oceanographic data, information, and knowledge interoperable in a somewhat similar way that he helped make computers on networks interoperable at WHOI years ago. He believes that well designed and open network protocols were the leverage points for making networks interoperable and that well designed semantic frameworks are the leverage points that will eventually make data information interoperable.