Afonso Duarte

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Dr Afonso Duarte

Professional Title: Programme Manager/Project Manager

Primary domain: Biophysics / Structural Biology

Organization name: Instituto de Medicina Molecular - iMM

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Oeiras - Portugal

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Afonso graduated in Chemistry (Aveiro University of Aveiro - Portugal), obtained his PhD in Biophysics of membrane peptides from Wageningen University (The Netherlands). Afterwards, he moved to Utrecht University (The Netherlands) where he implemented NMR methodologies to study structure and dynamics of human molecualar chaperones. Currently he is a Marie Curie Fellow in ITQB R&D Institute in Oeiras (Portugal). He focus on the study of the mechanism and regulation processes behind cellular ion transport. He uses solution NMR spectroscopy, modeling and bioinformatics tools to obtain information on the ion transport process at atomic level. Afonso is involved in different R&D projects both at National and European level. Since 2013 he is a Champion for the European Grid Infrastructure.

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