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Library Cataloger
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Oregon State University
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Corvallis, Oregon
United States

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I have a Master's degree in church-state studies from Baylor University in Texas, with a focus on medieval Celtic history in the British Isles. I have worked in multiple contexts, including the theater, church ministry, and primary/secondary education. I started as a special collections cataloger at Baylor in 2009, moving to Oregon State University in 2017 after an interim period in Argentina. I have extensive experience with original cataloging in many different formats, both physical and electronic, including rare and unique materials. I am an expert in languages, having worked with Baylor’s Keston Collection, comprised of materials from and about the former Soviet Union in a wide variety of languages, including several Cyrillic-based languages. I am fascinated by linguistics in the bibliographic field; it's a passion I continue to develop at Oregon State. I have published in both scholarly and popular contexts, including a photographic history of Butler, Missouri, where my ancestors came from. I am very interested in international cooperation in terms of library science and I see great potential for development in this field. I am currently Director of English Language Content at Archivoz International Archives Magazine, a Madrid-based online magazine dedicated to the archival and library sciences.

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