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Mr Sze Wong

Member since: 03/07/2014 - 22:57
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CEO/Managing Director/Chief Executive
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Mobile Data Collection
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Zerion Software, Inc.
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IT Consultancy/Development
United States

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Sze Wong is the CEO of Zerion Software, Inc., creator of iFormBuilder. Since 1999, Mr. Wong has designed major mobile systems for companies like Sun MicroSystems, Nextel Communications and Shell Oil. Before founding Zerion Software, Mr. Wong founded a Java Training School and was stated "One of the Business J2EE Training School in Washington DC" by Sun Microsystems. Mr. Wong founded Zerion Software in 2003 and created iFormBuilder in 2008. iFormBuilder is currently being used in over 110 counties and is the fastest growing clipboard replacement solution on the market. Solutions created by iFormBuilder has received the Mobilizer Award by Mobile Enterprise in 2011 and 2012. iFormBuilder was the first data collection app to achieve US HIPAA compliance status on the Apple App Store and was selected as one of the "Essential iPhone Apps for Business" by Apple.

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