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Ir. Cécile Nys (F) is Project Engineer at OceanScope. She is a Bioengineer (agricultural engineer) specialized in the Management of Fisheries and the Coastal and Continental ecosystems and in Forests and Natural areas engineering. Bilingual French-Dutch, she’s also fluent in English and Spanish. She joined OceanScope in 2020 and works on various national, European and international projects and in different groups involved in Ocean (Marine) data management : ODATIS, Data Terra, Blue Cloud and COPiLOtE. Previously she worked in other marine related European and international projects : Blue Forests (blue carbon), Phidias (HPC - EOSC), EMOD-PACE (Ocean Data Management - China-Europe Cooperation), GIFS (Fishery gouvernance), Ecopotential (marine earth observation), Tech4Whales (marine mammal collisions) and SIMNORAT (stakeholder engagement and Marine Spatial Planning).

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