Stéphane Goldstein

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Mr Stéphane Goldstein

Professional Title: Policy development manager/Policy Consultant
Other: Executive Director

Primary domain: information literacy, digital literacy

Organization name: InformAll

Organization type: Small and Medium Enterprise

City / Country: London - United Kingdom

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I am the Executive Director at InformAll. I previously led on the Research Information Network’s (RIN) information literacy (IL) activities over five years, during which time I laid the basis for InformAll , initially a collaborative venture and now a social enterprise aimed at promoting the relevance, importance and benefits of IL in the library world and beyond. In that capacity, I have undertaken research and analysis, produced reports and tools and facilitated multi-stakeholder working. Within RDA, I am am a member of the Interest Group on Education and Training on handling of research data, which corresponds to my interest in IL. I worked at RIN between 2005 and 2105, helping to set the organisation up. I was responsible for project management and policy formulation in the broad area of information as a input and output of the research process. I previously worked in a range of science and research policy roles at the Medical Research Council and RCUK.